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MOFCOM Vice Minister Wang Chao Attends the High-Level Forum on Sino-US Investment Promotion (Beijing)

On November 15, the China Society for World Trade Organization Studies (CWTO) and CIPA co-hosted the High-Level Forum on Sino-US Investment Promotion (Beijing) themed “To boost enterprises’ mutual investment and promote Sino-US win-win cooperation” in Beijing. Vice Minister of MOFCOM Wang Chao and Commercial Counselor of the U.S. Embassy in China Cai Ruide attended the forum and gave speeches. Chairman of the China Society for World Trade Organization Studies (CWTO) Sun Zhenyu presided over the forum.
Vice Minister Wang pointed out that China, as the world’s largest developing country, and the US, as the world’s largest developed country, are greatly complementary in resource endowment, market, capital, technology, and other aspects. Over the 30-odd years since the establishment of Sino-US diplomatic relations, economic and trade relations between the two countries have developed rapidly, with trade increasing to nearly 200 times its original level, from 2.45 billion USD in 1979 to 484.7 billion USD in 2012. The US is still one of China’s largest foreign capital sources. Vice Minister Wang expressed his hope that the American government give national treatment to all Chinese enterprises and reduce unnecessary legal impediments for Chinese enterprises.
The forum was divided into two sections, separately themed “Invest in the U.S. - Opportunities and Challenges” (presided over by CIPA Director General Liu Dianxun) and “U.S. Financial Framework and Legal System” (presided over by Vice Chairman of the China Society for World Trade Organization Studies Wang Cheng’an). Seven honored guests from Sino-US governmental agencies, business associations and enterprises conducted in-depth discussion into issues of interest to both countries, including Sino-US economic and trade relations, America’s industrial investment promotion environment, American laws and regulations, risk control of overseas mergers and acquisitions, financial tax management, and other topics. Nearly 180 representatives from Sino-US investment promotion agencies, enterprises, scientific research institutions and academic institutions attended the forum.


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